Popular sports to Bet on

What we love about sports betting is the excitement of competition, the wealth of sports games, and the available markets. However, gamblers may wonder which are the best sports to bet on.

People all over the world enjoy wagering on their favorite sports. Let’s discover which games are the primary selection for sports gamblers.

A quick note to get you started. Before we get to the list of the most popular sports in sports betting, it’s a good idea for you to check out my article on the best betting sites. There is also a short section on the best bookmakers for betting on several sports. As my site grows (I don’t have that much time), I will also be adding links to the best bookmakers for each of the sports below on this page. If you’re lazy, I’ll make it easy for you. Here you have links to two of my reviews of bookmakers that have all these sports to bet on: 20bet, 22bet.

Soccer: Presumably, the most popular sport globally

Soccer has a fan base of millions, spanning countries and continents. The soccer leagues are thriving in many regions, while the dynamic gameplay and unpredictable outcomes continually extend their audience.

Soccer comes from ancient times when it was played by Aztecs. Later, various kinds of ball games took place in ancient China, Greece, and Rome. Over time, the game transformed into what we know today and acquired crowds of enthusiastic followers.

Not only is soccer a thrilling game but also a social venue that draws people together at stadiums, pubs, and other recreational places. Soccer’s fast and exciting nature makes it one of the biggest betting sports in the world. Tempting betting opportunities, like in-play betting and early cashout options, amplify its gambling appeal.

Soccer’s fast and exciting nature makes it one of the biggest betting sports in the world. Tempting betting opportunities, like in-play betting and early cashout options, amplify its gambling appeal.


Volleyball: A fast-paced thrill

This team sport is the 5th most popular sport in the world. Fiercely competitive, speedy, and enthralling, it is even included in the Olympics.

Volleyball offers a range of betting markets, including match winners, set winners, total points, and handicaps, providing diverse options for bettors. Besides, the dynamic character of the game creates multiple in-play betting options. Furthermore, you can try Volleyball leagues if you wish to bet on teams beyond mainstream favorites and get high odds.

eSports: A technology-inspired competition

The product of the computer technology era, eSports betting implies staking on video gaming events. This virtual sport is burgeoning, spurred by the increased penetration of the high-speed internet and extensive adoption from the younger generation. The global eSports betting market is projected to surpass $205 billion by 2027.

This gaming segment is headed by the US and China, as they also come in the avant-garde of advanced technology. As such, eSports also requires bookmakers to keep up, adapting to the various online formats and games.

Bettors, in turn, can choose between a wide range of tournaments, obtaining diverse betting opportunities. eSports matches are vastly accessible online, allowing bettors to follow the action in real time and make informed wagers. 


Horse racing: A tribute to traditions

The popularity of horse race betting is timeless and started with offline bets well before the internet entered our lives. Horse racing traditionally celebrates the grace, strength, and harmony of a human and an animal. One of the best sports to bet on today, it offers an abundance of straightforward and convenient online betting options.

The leading regions in horse race betting are Japan, the UK, and Australia. However, its 24×7 availability and worldwide access make it highly enjoyable for gamers in many countries globally.

Motorsport: Speed and glitz

Motorsports and tournaments such as Formula 1 gather huge crowds of fans owing to the glamor and excitement associated with races. The racing series, including F1, NASCAR, and MotoGP, remain appealing and offer numerous betting opportunities throughout the year.

Spectacular and dynamic, these events capture viewers by their unpredictable nature, with factors like weather, track conditions, and mechanical issues, creating compelling betting options. Furthermore, the availability of live betting and diverse markets, including race winners, podium finishes, and fastest laps, jazz up the betting experience for motorsports enthusiasts.

Handball: From recreational sport to indoor venue

Featuring a rich heritage as an outdoor sport, handball has gradually transformed into a modern dynamic game that has acquired millions of devoted fans all over the world. This evolution has made the game more engaging, raising the popularity of handball betting.

It continues my list of the best sports to bet on to make money since it offers a variety of betting markets, such as match outcomes, handicaps, totals, and player-specific propositions, suiting bettors regardless of their gaming experience. Besides, the fast pace and unpredictability of handball matches add stir and joy to the gambling process. The popularity of this sport prevails in Europe, ensuring consistent coverage and wagering options throughout the season.

Golf: The charm and chic of an elite game

Once considered an exclusively royal sport, golf is now available to everyone passionate about it. Golf betting was likewise limited to the upper class. However, today gamblers can take their stake in this kind of sport anytime and from any place they wish.

What makes it one of the best sports to bet on and win is the individual nature that provides a wide range of betting markets, including tournament winners, top finishers, and head-to-head matchups. Moreover, golf tournaments span multiple days, offering prolonged betting excitement and opportunities to adjust wagers in the course of the event. Additionally, the unpredictability of golf outcomes and the potential for underdogs to win create excitement and lucrative betting chances.

Basketball: The fast-growing sports

Today, basketball is rapidly expanding, with the NBA being the most widespread basketball tournament that fans admire. People not only follow and watch the NBA but admittedly choose this competition for wagering. 

How can you try your luck with this enthralling game?

A fast-paced and high-scoring basketball environment allows gamers to choose from diverse betting types, including match winners, point spreads, totals, and player props. Furthermore, the availability of live betting and the NBA’s global appeal further reinforce the basketball’s attractiveness for betting.

Tennis: A royal sport

Although it may seem unexpected, tennis is extremely popular in terms of online betting. In fact, tennis is ranked third among the most widespread sports to wager in.

Betting on this classic sport is a good idea because of several factors. First, it doesn’t require any sophisticated knowledge of the game. Even understanding the basics, you can place informed stakes. Second, it is relatively cheap to bet on and takes place year-round. It is rich in betting opportunities, including live betting. Finally, it has a high number of comebacks, when a seemingly losing player manages to win.

Snooker: A game of precision and mastery

Experts believe that snooker originated in India, in the 19th century. The game was developed and exercised by British Army officers stationed there at the time. With the first set of rules established in 1884, snooker turned into a full-fledged sport.

Snooker recognition reached its peak throughout the 1970s and 1990s. Today, snooker tournament broadcasts attract numerous viewers worldwide.

Although the game doesn’t boast a dynamic flow, it is fascinating in terms of strategy and precision, which makes it engaging to watch. Gamblers find it exciting to bet on match winner, frame winner, total points, and more. Snooker tournaments often take multiple days, allowing for extended betting thrills. Additionally, snooker’s individual nature makes it easier for bettors to analyze player performance and make wise wagers.

Final thoughts

Now that you know what are the best sports to bet on, you may wonder which of them you should prioritize. Start by identifying the games you are passionate about. Enjoying the process is one of the core success factors. Then, consider the sports you are most informed about. The more knowledge you already have, the less research you will need to do. Think of the markets that evoke your interest. They will also guide your choice.

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