Cash Out Betting: An Actionable Method to Minimize Risks

Aizat Chew
April 19, 2024

When you are a bettor, unexpected turns throughout a game can lead to losing your bet. How to protect your funds if things get off your course?

Cash out betting is an option at some sportsbooks that allows you to quit before the contest ends to prevent undesired outcomes. Early cash-out is becoming increasingly popular, as it helps bettors minimize their risks.

We’ll go through cash out betting meaning, its advantages, and the common markets to exercise this opportunity.

What is cash out betting?

Early cash-out betting implies withdrawing money on your bet while the competition is still in progress. This allows bettors to lock in their profit before the winning situation changes to the opposite.

Thus, when cashing out early, bettors fix their profits at a certain moment of the game, and the rest of the event becomes irrelevant. What determines your gains is where your bet stands at the time you decide to quit. Such a strategy allows bettors to guarantee their profit or regain a part of their stake, minimizing losses.

Although this option is becoming widespread, it is still available for a limited range of bets and not at all sportsbooks.

How does cash out betting work?

The cash-out terms change dynamically throughout an event. Bookmakers keep evaluating the contest’s progress and alter the odds respectively. Each time there is a shift in a game flow, bookmakers update the odds, which impacts your potential cash out. Furthermore, they can totally remove the cash-out option during the game.

Therefore, bettors should regularly check the tournament and calculate cash out betting to keep track of their withdrawal opportunities.

Apart from this, bettors can exercise partial cash out, where they take some of their original stake volume, and leave the rest till the end of the event. A Cash out betting calculator is available to evaluate your gains.

Pros and cons of early cash-out

Similar to every bet, cashing out includes a great deal of chance and luck. Therefore, it has inherent advantages and drawbacks, which every bettor should consider.

Early cash-out pros:

  • Higher control and loss prevention to your bet’s result;
  • Lower vulnerability to unexpected outcomes;
  • A way to fix profits and save funds in a particular competition.

Early cash-out cons:

  • If the caching-out decision was wrong, a bettor locks in a loss on a bet that ultimately wins;
  • The partial payout is lower than the final payout at the end of a competition;
  • This approach can lead to losses in the long run.

Common markets for cash out betting

Cash out is available at a limited number of sportsbooks and can vary depending on the betting site. The popular cash out betting types include 3-way and over/under bets.

  • In a 3-way bet, the bettor predicts the outcome of the match, choosing one of three possible results: a win for Team A (1), a win for Team B (2), or a draw (X).
  • Over/under bets, also known as “totals bets,” involve predicting whether the total combined score of both teams in a sporting event will be over or under a specified number set by the sportsbook.

The table below demonstrates a breakdown of some popular markets and their respective cash out opportunities. However, early cashing out availability can vary across different betting sites.

SportCash-out AvailabilityTypical Markets
SoccerYesMatch winner, Over/unders
Ice HockeyYesMatch winner, Over/unders
BasketballYesMatch winner, Over/unders
Less Popular SportsVariesVaries

Which bookmakers have the Cash-out option available?

I recommend 20bet. My review and registration link can be found here.

Final thoughts on cash out betting

Early cash out is a trendy method and can bring fruit if applied correctly. It helps to mitigate risks and save funds. However, you shouldn’t overuse this approach as it reduces the total value of your bet. Consider the market, plan the time strategically, and do not forget about the appropriate risk management to make your cash out betting strategy successful.

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