System Bets: What are They and How Do They Work?

Aizat Chew
April 25, 2024
System bets

As bettors keep searching for the most exciting and profitable betting strategies, we come up with an interesting example: system bets. Today, this option is introduced at virtually every betting site. The strategy may seem straightforward and appealing at first sight. However, we suggest delving into its intricacies to succeed with this type of betting.

What are system bets?

In its essence, system betting is similar to a classic accumulator or multibet. However, it also carries significant differences. System bets refer to placing a wager on multiple games with higher chances for success and minimized risks. Unlike with an accumulator, this type of betting strategy implies that your stake will win even if some of your selections succeed. The number of selections can typically range from three to eight.

Therefore, the fundamental distinction of a system bet is that it is based on the number of picks and enables you to win even when several of your predictions turn incorrect. This is one of the core reasons why this betting type has become so widespread throughout recent years. By reducing the risks involved, system betting is popular with risky games, allowing bettors to regain a part of their stakes even if certain selections fail.

How do system bets work?

Getting started with system betting is rather straightforward. You should follow several simple steps outlined below.

  • Assess the market and select at least three events you would like to place a wager in.
  • Use a system bets calculator to discover how much you can earn. Consider the different variations.
  • Identify the liability you’ll need to take on. Compare it to the potential profit and decide whether to make this type of bet.
  • Select separate sports events, add the amount you would like to wager, and confirm your bet.

The more of your chosen events you win, the higher profits you will gain.

Types of System Bets

If you are about to start your betting journey, you should familiarize yourself with the different types of system bets to select your favorite one.

Here are several popular systems at a glance.

  • The Trixie Bet: Consists of four bets on three selections in different events. It includes three doubles and one treble. This means that if at least two selections win, there will be a return, but all three selections must win to receive the maximum payout.
  • Patent Bet: The system consists of seven bets on three selections in different events. It includes three singles, three doubles, and one treble. You’ll have winnings even if only one leg succeeds.
  • Yankee Bet: Encompasses 11 bets on four selections in different events, comprising six doubles, four trebles, and one four-fold accumulator.
  • Lucky 15: The system is made up of 15 bets on four selections in different events, including four singles, six doubles, four trebles, and one four-fold accumulator. Additionally, Lucky 15 bets offer bonuses for one or more winners, typically doubling or tripling the odds if all selections win.
  • Heinz Bet: Includes 57 bets on six selections in different events, comprising 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 four-folds, six five-folds, and one six-fold accumulator. If you place a $1 bet, your total stake will be $57.
  • The Fibonacci Method: The Fibonacci betting system refers to a negative progression method in which bettors gradually increase the stake after each losing bet.
  • Labouchère System: The Labouchère system, also known as the cancellation system or split martingale, is a popular gambling strategy primarily used in roulette
  • Due Column betting is a type of fixed-profit betting strategy whereby a bettor increases the amount he wagers after each successive loss.
  • Martingale system – The main idea of this system is that the player doubles the stake after each loss , so that the first win recovers all previous losses and wins a profit equal to the original stake.

Example of a system bet calculation

To give you a better idea of how to calculate a system bet correctly, let’s consider a Yankee bet involving several sports events, like soccer, tennis, and basketball. Suppose you are placing a Yankee bet on the following selections:

  • Soccer Match (Selection A): Team “A” to win against Team “B”;
  • Tennis Match (Selection B): Player “X” to win against Player “Y”;
  • Basketball Game (Selection C): Team “C” to win against Team “D”;
  • Basketball Game (Selection D): Team “E” to win against Team “F”.

Here’s how you might calculate and place your bet:

  • Bet amount: Let’s settle a bet of $10 per unit.
  • Total bets: A Yankee bet consists of six doubles, four trebles, and one four-fold accumulator, totaling 11 bets.
  • Total stake: Multiply the number of bets by the bet amount: 11 bets * $10 per unit = $110.
  • Potential returns: Consider the odds for each selection in each event and multiply them by the stake for each winning combination. For example, if Team “A” wins their soccer match at odds of 2/1 and Player “X” wins their tennis match at odds of 3/1, the potential return for the double bet on Selections A and B would be $10 * (2+3) = $50, plus your original stake of $10.
  • Placing the bet: Before you confirm your wager with your chosen sportsbook, make sure you are familiar with the terms, conditions, and potential outcomes.

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Final thoughts on system bets

While resembling classical betting methods, system betting provides some advanced options to gamblers. To navigate through diverse opportunities, challenges, and advantages, you should thoroughly explore the system bets meaning, how they work, and what the best system bets are for you. For an advanced bettor, system bets allow for combining various kinds of sports, mixing diverse strategies, and increasing the chances of winning.

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