Betting with the Heinz System: What You Need to Know?

Aizat Chew
May 7, 2024
heinz betting system

Betting strategies and systems allow players to increase their chances of a successful bet. One of them is the Heinz system (also called Heinz betting), which combines the opportunity to get more profit at a moderate risk. However, to win with Heinz betting, you need to understand it. The meaning, principle, and features of Heinz betting are explained in this article.

What is the Heinz system in betting?

Heinz system is a betting system for 6 events. The combinations of these events result in a total of 57 bets: 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 fourfolds, 6 fivefolds, and 1 sixfold. Its extended version is called the Super Heinz betting and includes seven selections and 120 bets. You can learn more about betting systems in our previous publication.

How does the Heinz betting work in practice? Let’s look at an example. I am fan of horse racing and bet on 6 horses, the odds for each of them are 5,0. In the Heinz system, I need to place a wager on every possible combination of selections. I put $1 on each bet, so the total amount is $57.

This way I can calculate my winnings:

  • If none of the selected horses is a winner, my bet loses. If only 1 horse finishes first, I also get nothing.
  • If 2 horses win, I then win one double: $1×5×5= $25.
  • If 3 horses win, then my winnings are three doubles: $25+$25+$25=$75.
  • If 4 horses win, I get paid out for 6 doubles ($150) + 4 trebles ($500) + 1 fourfolds ($625) = $1,275.

So the more selected horses win, the bigger my winnings will be. The maximum net profit I can get is $46,625 (all 57 bets win) – $57 (my bet) = $46,568.

Calculating profits can be tricky because of the number of variations. To simplify the process, you can use one of the Heinz betting calculators. These tools are available online and exist for other systems, such as the Super Heinz betting calculator for the Super Heinz.

What are the pros and cons of Heinz betting?

The main advantage of the Heinz system is, above all, a significant potential profit. However, this is not the only plus. You can learn more about three of them from this table:

Convenient to place a betBettors looking to combine multiple wagers into a single bet will find the Heinz system more convenient than placing individual bets.
Lower risksYou do not have to predict all events successfully, just 2 successful outcomes are enough to refund part of your bet.
Possibility of using various Heinz betting strategiesThe bettor can choose both events with higher odds to increase profits and with lower odds to reduce risks.

The disadvantages of the Heinz system include the necessity to bet on 6 events at the same time, which makes this option not suitable for players who want to bet on 2–3 results. Three other minuses are considered in the table below:

More initial investmentYou need to bet on all possible combinations, which means 57 bets.
Difficult to predict the winningsDue to its high variability, the Heinz system doesn’t suit players who need predictability of payouts.
Unavailable for all eventsBookmakers usually offer Heinz betting on soccer, tennis and horse racing, but this system may not be available for other sports or live events.

Keeping in mind the above pros and cons, each bettor should decide for themselves whether they will use the Heinz system in placing bets or not.

Heinz betting: conclusions

The betting experience with the Heinz system can be exciting and bring a lot of profit if you consider its specifics. It is typically recommended for more experienced bettors familiar with the strategies. Novice players can also try their luck if they have a good understanding of this system and can manage their bankroll.

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