Trixie System: What is it and how does it work?

Aizat Chew
April 30, 2024
trixie betting system

Sports betting for many people is not just a form of pastime, but also an opportunity to make money. Wagering on several matches at the same time can be a good option to increase the players’ chances of success and minimize losses. One such betting system is Trixie. Here we will discuss the meaning of a Trixie bet and its peculiarities.

What is a Trixie bet?

The Trixie system is nothing more than a system bet, e.g. 2 out of 3, 3 out of 4, 4 out of 5, or 7 out of 9, but what makes it different is that we also add a so-called “sure bet” to the selected matches. Of course, this concept should not exist in sports betting, but the point is that we add a bet to our system – which we think we will definitely hit.

This is a slightly risky type of bet, because if our “sure bet” fails, we lose our system coupon, regardless of the results of the other bets.

Possible outcomes are complete victory, with one or more mistakes depending on the system, or defeat.

For the bet to win, at least two of the three picks must be successful. It is a good option for many sports, especially horse racing and soccer. A Trixie bet refers to betting systems, which we have covered earlier.

So, how does a Trixie bet work? Let’s look at an example of a Trixie bet.

There are three soccer games:

  1. Team A plays against Team B. The player bets on Team A to win with odds of 1.80.
  2. Team C plays against Team D. The player chooses Team C as the favorite; the odds on its victory are 2.50.
  3. Team E plays against Team F. The bettor places a bet on the victory of Team E with odds of 2.20.

Thus, the combination of three doubles and one treble is formed. To understand how much the player wins if all the bets are successful, it is necessary to multiply the odds and the size of the bet (in this case, it will be USD 100):

  • Double 1: Team A’s win and Team C’s win: 1.80×2.50 = USD 450.
  • Double 2: Team A’s win and Team E’s win: 1.80×2.20 = USD 396.
  • Double 3: Team C’s win and Team E’s win: 2.50×2.20 = USD 550.
  • Tremble: Team A’s, Team C’s, and Team E’s win: 1.80 × 2.50 × 2.20 = USD 990.

Advantages and disadvantages of a Trixie bet explained

This strategy is considered to be quite understandable and, therefore, perfectly suitable for both novice bettors and pros. It is enough to be well-versed in the sport on which the player is placing a bet.

Trixie systems are attractive due to the following benefits:

  • Risk reduction: Players can win even if one of the double bets loses.
  • Profitable to bet even on low odds: If the odds on events are small, a bettor can get significant winnings if several of their bets are successful.
  • Larger winnings: The Trixie system is more profitable than if one bets separately on each event.

Some players avoid Trixie bets, believing that gives more advantages to the bookmaker than to them. It is not quite true, however, one should consider some cons of such a system:

  • Higher initial investment: Since the player is placing multiple bets here, the initial sum is larger than for a single bet.
  • Calculation complexity: Because the player has to consider the outcomes of different matches with various odds, it can be tricky to calculate the winnings.
  • Less flexibility: Once a Trixie bet has been placed, the bettor is unable to make changes.

Overall, with a fair idea of what a Trixie bet is and the use of auxiliary tools like Trixie bet calculators, every bettor can use this system in their favor.

Final thoughts on a Trixie bet

In anticipation of major championships and competitions, bettors may be looking to diversify their experience and cover more events that they can bet on. Trixie systems allow them to achieve all of this and guarantee an extra safety net if things go wrong. However, it is essential to realize that, as with any wager, there is room for risk, and therefore one should bet responsibly.

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