Yankee Betting System: A Quick Overview

Aizat Chew
May 6, 2024
yankee system

The Yankee betting was presumably named after an American soldier who made several stakes following this system at a U.K. bookmaker, and all of them won. He regained considerable profit, causing the buzz around this betting type.

A Yankee system bet is popular in horse racing, soccer, and other sports. The strategy is considered easy to implement and is less costly than other combination bets like the Super Yankee system.

I’ll help you discover the strategy’s essence, opportunities, and the way it works.

What is Yankee betting?

The Yankee system is a multiple bet type in sports where 11 bets are placed on four selections. It includes various stake combinations. Therefore, it entices users by promising considerable returns if several selections succeed. However, the numerous bets also require a bigger initial stake. Correspondingly, bettors should carefully approach their strategy and consider their selections before applying the Yankee system.

This is a comprehensive betting strategy in which every selection is introduced in three doubles, three trebles, and the four-fold accumulator. Assessing the potential winnings, initial wagers, and odds may be challenging for a beginner. Therefore, gamers employ a Yankee betting calculator or a Super Yankee betting calculator, depending on the system type.

In the outcome, two or more successful selections guarantee a return from their stakes.

How the Yankee betting strategy work?

A Yankee is a bet on four choices that include 11 distinct stakes. If at least two of the four selections win, the gamer will receive a payout. The system resembles a Lucky 15 bet, just without the opportunity of single bets.

Your whole Yankee stake consists of 11 equal selections:

  • Six double bets;
  • Four treble bets;
  • One four-fold accumulator bet.

You can place your stakes using only four choices from a betting market, with the same bet amount placed on every sub-bet. The wager will bring profits if you have a minimum of two winning underdog selections.

To help you grasp the Yankee betting meaning, I’ll introduce a simple example.

Let’s assume that you pick four teams: Team 1, 2, 3, and 4. The table below demonstrates the respective selections.

BetSelections (1-4)Quantity
Double12, 13, 14, 23, 24, 346
Treble123, 124, 134, 2344
Total 11

If only one team wins, you’ll have no payout.

Double bets work the following way:

  • You select two teams (i.e., 1 and 2).
  • The chosen teams become connected in your stake so that you either win both or your bet loses, even if one of the teams wins.
  • If Team 1 wins, your initial stake plus any profits are transferred to bet on Team 2.

To discover various kinds of stakes, read the article about the available betting systems.

Why prioritize a Yankee bet?

Once you’ve got a general understanding of the Yankee system, let’s explore several factors in its favor:

  • Greater winning opportunities. 11 bets and multiple combinations provide more chances to win compared to a single stake.
  • High potential returns. The more of your selections win, the more payouts will accumulate.
  • Risk diversification. Even if a few of your choices fail, a Yankee system can still bring returns, thanks to the diverse combinations involved.

Final thoughts on The Yankee system

The Yankee betting strategy’s primary appeal is a good chance to have a return on your stake. If at least two of your four selections turn successful, you’ll obtain profit.

However, remember to assess the odds before wagering since they will ultimately determine whether or not you win.

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